Never compromise
on taste and texture 

Sugar reduction is a fast growing market, yet consumers still crave the same taste as ever. With Bayn’s products your customers can have their cake and eat it.


In the EUREBA®  product portfolio we have tailor-made solutions for sugar reduction in several product segments.


With EUREBA® Services we can help you to catalyse your product development and reduce your time to market.




What can we do for your business?

At Bayn we focus on taste, texture and cost-in-use.

There are EUREBA® solutions for a wide range of food and beverage products. We can reduce sugar, in part or in full, in products such as:

  • Dairy – e.g. ice cream, yoghurt, protein drinks, vanilla sauces
  • Drinks – e.g. flavoured syrups, still drinks, slush
  • Bakery – e.g. cookies, sweet buns, pie crusts
  • Confectionary – e.g. chocolate, jelly sweets, caramel
  • Jams & sauces – e.g. soups, jams, ketchup and other sweet condiments

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