EUREBA® Services

With Eureba® Services we can help to catalyse your product development and market launch. EUREBA® Services consists of nine individual steps:

1. Project idea evaluation and level of cost-in-use

Information provided by Bayn include:

  • Technicalities involved in new product development (eg. changes to production process, changes to formulations and their effects on sensory properties).
  • Feasibility of the new product to be developed – regulatory-wise.
  • Estimation of cost in use compared to product with sugar.

This evaluation will be based on the following information from customer:

  • What kind of product the customer wants to develop (no-added-sugar or sugar reduced)
  • Which market product is intended for and does the customer wish to make any claims such as ”natural” or ”high in fibre”?
  • Are there any limits to extra costs that could be incurred in this new product development?

2. Selection of ingredients

  • Provide each product’s characterization for the customer’s decision
  • Provide supplier recommendation and suggestion
  • Provide regulatory aspects about the different ingredients
  • Provide Technical and quality aspects of the different ingredients

3. Recipe design and calculation

Providing a product design and calculation of cost-in-use. This service is based on individual customer requests. Bayn upon customer request will provide:

  • Summary of raw material cost.
  • Process and product design based on the customers’ request regarding e.g. taste, texture, nutritional profile and claims.
  • Suggestions for the best options in terms of product quality and cost for specific customer need.

4. Lab trials and demos

Bayn can produce laboratory demo samples to meet customers expectation in new product development with new ingredients for replacing sugar.

The project is based on customer’s requests and demand for their products, from replacing a single ingredient characterization to a system solution to replace sugar in form of blends.

5. Bulking, sweetening and/or flavouring of unsweetened base(s)

Sugar forms the bulk of most food products. To replace sugar in food, you need a bulking agent (sugar replacer) with similar technological properties as sugar. This process of replacing the sugar bulk in food with other sugar replacers is bulking. And once there is bulking, sweetening comes into play since sugar also has a sweetening function.

6. Sensory profiling of sweetened and flavoured base(s)

Aroma, flavor, texture and aftertaste components of a product will be described using descriptive techniques: Flavour profiling, Quantitative Descriptive Analysis, Free choice profiling, etc.

Technique to use will be dependent upon type of product, number, test objective and type of analysis.

Bayn will help you with:

  • Discrimination tests – to determine how close a customer’s newly developed product is to a reference product. Tests such as Paired comparison, Triangle Test, A ‘not A’, Duo trio and Two out of five will be performed conformance to international standards.
  • Ranking tests – to determine if detectable differences exist between more than two products/samples.
  • Consumer tests (preference) to describe the liking or acceptability of a newly developed product. This will provide input for decision making of the customer to launch new products.
  • Statistical analysis and logical interpretation of results will be provided by Bayn.
  • Sensory costs will come in the form of panel recruitments, training, motivation (incentives)

Bayn has an in-house trained taste panel and will present customers with a report and statistical analysis (analysis of ANOVA) of sensory data. Our analysis is based on thoroughly conducted methods and provide an insightful analysis to you for your new product development.

7. Product specification

Bayn can provide the following data for newly developed products:

  • Ingredients and their composition in the finished product.
  • Nutritional values and how to label.
  • Allergens and how to label.
  • Other labeling required by EU food law.
  • Diet suitability recommendation including vegetarian, Halal, Kosher.

8. Technical report writing

A comprehensive technical study report for the customer R&D, and even for marketing and communication purpose. This report based on the above steps are implemented by Bayn and the customer.

9. Workshop and seminars

Bayn works closely with universities and Food institutes in the research fields of:

  • Evaluating different fibre sources (e.g. oat, apple, inulin) to determine their caloric levels,  health and nutritional value.
  • Developing fibre enriched low calorie bulk ingredient blend system solutions with improved health benefits, for sugar replacement in different food categories.
  • Investigating the health effects bulk ingredient blend system solutions.
  • Studying the relationships between composition, structure and functionality of ingredient blends in specific food categories (eg. Chocolate, marzipan, ice cream).
  • Investigate the health and sensory effect of finished products (e.g. ice cream, chocolate) with developed ingredient blend as inclusions.

Bayn sincerely invites ingredient manufacturers and food producers to join our research program for a new era of food revolution without added sugar.  Bayn Studio, a concept store and test kitchen will provide you a study platform for training sessions, testing and experimenting new product development with the most creative and innovative pioneers in the food industry.