takk!® is a range of finished products with “EUREBA®” inside, and a proof of concept of Bayn’s business. Bayn works with several partnerships as part of takk!® with an ambition to make a change in the industry and set a trend for a healthier lifestyle with reduced sugar on the consumer market.

Takk means “thank you” in Scandinavian languages. The aim of this brand name is to impact retail awareness of sugar reduction through integration of lifestyle ingredients and natural sweeteners in finished products, and to create a platform for strategic partnership.

The takk!® brand for consumer products implies:

  • High quality and tasty food and drink products for the health and wellness market;
  • Less sugar and tasty food and drink products with EUREBA® solutions;
  • Mentality of appreciation and attitude to change for a healthier lifestyle.

For more information, contact info@bayn.se.