Bayn’s R&D team works in close cooperation with our manufacturing partners and external institutes creating a broad research and development platform. Research in industrial solutions, quality testing methods, plant yield improvements and refining technology contributes to the advantages of Bayn’s products.


Bayn’s technical competence in Quality Control Procedures add value. Bayn provides the expertise and monitors production practices ensuring that the EUREBA® products consistently meet the International Standards and complies with all relevant regulations.


Bayn focuses on market driven innovation and application. Together with the world leading stevia researchers and food scientists, we deliver the latest research and breaking news on blend innovations, with lower calorie and healthier ingredients, that benefit in transforming new product development sweetened with EUREBA®. On the market demand sides, we synchronize our supply chain findings into providing product solutions and industry formulation by using Stevia. We interact with our sales partner and customers in deeper understanding the real-need of new product development in specific category and market background.


Partner commitment is an important part of how Bayn approaches its business. Bayn has committed partnerships with numbers of key stakeholders that create value for both parties. Stakeholders that Bayn collaborates with include governments, food producers, research institutes, universities for food and biotechnology and distributors.