Bayn is at the forefront of sugar reduction in the food and beverage industry and is in close cooperation with leading Food Research Institutes across the world, developing innovative solutions for sugar reduction. At Bayn, innovation is the core focus. The Research and Development team at Bayn thus liaise with food producers, consumers and external research institutes, creating a broad network through our scientific platform for sugar reduction.

Bayn has its in-house food laboratory which investigates sugars functionality in different food categories: beverages, bakery, chocolate and confectionery products and creates the appropriate mix of sugar replacers to reduce sugar in various food categories. Bayn’s R&D team has wide expertise within the food sciences, biology, biochemistry and food quality aspects. Researches in E-sensory techniques, quality testing methods and consumer surveys contribute to the advantages of Bayn’s solutions for sugar reduction.


  • Combining basic and applied research to develop innovative solutions for sugar reduction in food and beverages.
  • Evaluating the physical and sensorial characteristics of different sugar replacers, fibers and intense sweeteners and their applicability in product development.
  • Developing blend solutions for sugar reduction in product categories such as bakery, soft drinks, ice cream, chocolate and confectionery.
  • Process optimisations for a wide range of sugar reduced products.
  • Employing sensory techniques to match taste profiles of conventional products containing sugar.
  • Optimization of product recipes and blend solutions using E-sensory techniques to improve taste profile and similarity to full sugar products.
  • Studying the composition, structure and functionality of blend solutions in different food categories.
  • Investigating the health effects and consumer acceptance of sugar reduced products.


Bayn Europe AB has, as part of their research, written a number of whitepapers. Contact us for login-details to our Partner site: