Bayn Europe is an independent formulation developer within sugar reduction and offers the market cost-effective ingredients as well as total solutions for sugar reduction. Bayn creates new products, sweetened from natural sources, with a low-calorie content. The solutions, developed through scientific research, give innovative, healthy recipes in close cooperation with our customers in the global food industry.

Bayn is at the forefront of sugar reduction in food and beverages and cooperates with leading research institutes and food and beverage researchers in the world.

Our R&D team works in close cooperation with our manufacturers and external institutes to create a broad platform for research and development. Research within industrial solutions, quality testing, productivity enhancements in manufacturing and fine adjustments of technology all contributes to the competitive edge of our products.

Bayn’s business concept is to build a business platform for sugar reduction with attractive and unique solutions creating revenue and value for all parties; from ingredients to consumers. We build, market and sell solutions for sugar reduction to ingredient manufacturers, food and beverage manufacturers and consumers.

Bayn’s innovations build on sensory profiling and formulations expertise for sugar reduction. Bayn’s services can help to catalyse the customer’s product development and market launch.



Bayn strives to create a healthier world where we can decrease our over-consumption of sugar without compromising the taste of sweet food and beverages. With our sugar reduction solutions this is possible.

Sugar in food and beverages is a major factor behind growing problems with obesity and type 2 diabetes in Europe and worldwide. At Bayn, we work to find natural ways of reducing sugar in food and beverages.

To deliver market leading solutions to enable the production of healthier foods and thus create revenue and value for our customers, stakeholders and interested parties.

To be the preferred partner in the food and beverage industry for sugar reduction solutions.