Nominating committee selected for Bayn Europe AB’s AGM

In accordance with the decision made at the AGM on 31 May 2018, a nominating committee has been selected for the next AGM on 31 May 2019.

The nominating committee is comprised of Rune Nordlander, as representative for the companies in Första Entreprenörsfonden, Lucy Dahlgren, as representative of private shares and Confundi AB, Göran Ofsén, as representative of private shares, and Peter Werme, Chairman of the Board of Bayn Europe AB. The nominating committee thereby represents about 28% of the total amount of outstanding shares and votes.

The nominating committee is called upon to prepare and to the AGM suggest:

  • Chairman at the AGM
  • Number of elected board members
  • Election of Chairman and other board members of the Board of the company
  • Directors’ fees divided between chairman and other board members
  • Election and renumeration of accountant and deputy accountant (where applicable)
  • Election of nominating committee, alternatively decision on principles for selecting nominating committees

Shareholders who wish to leave suggestions for Bayn Europe’s nominating committee are invited to do so at the latest 28th March 2019 by e-mail to or by letter to Bayn Europe AB, Attn: Valberedning, Hornsgatan 79, 118 49 Stockholm.