Gunnar Ek was unanimously elected a member of the Board of Directors of Bayn Europe at the Annual General Meeting 31 May 2018. Gunnar Ek is a well-known figure from Aktiespararna with extensive experience of their company surveyance.

Gunnar Ek is a well-known person in Aktiespararna. He has been responsible for their company surveyance for 22 years. Gunnar has previously been a member of the city council in Gothenburg, board member in Göteborgs Spårvägar, vice president of the local government of Gothenburg, one of Sweden’s main property manager and also previously manager of the Foundation for the investment portfolio for Chalmers University of Technology.

“This company is leading within sugar reduction, despite its size. It’s an exciting market and Bayn is a serious player. Bayn is not only leading in the business but have a real plan behind creating a healthier world. Soon our politicians must take their responsibility regarding the over consumption of sugar in our society. It creates ill health and unnecessary diseases, and gigantic health care costs. I am glad to contribute my experience and my network to Bayn”, says Gunnar Ek

“I contacted Gunnar because we had a strong need to build investor relationships. I knew Gunnar already when I founded Bayn”, says Lucy Dahlgren, founder and executive board director at Bayn Europe AB. “He was already then interested in health matters and realised how sugar affects our health and the health care costs in society. I am really pleased to now have him on board to reinforce our board of directors.”