BAYN Strengthens Commercial Focus in Organizational Change

PRESS RELEASE – Bayn Europe AB, an upcoming player in the natural sweetening field, announces a shift in the organization from a focus on research to a focus on product commercialization. The new market driven structure will bring the company closer to their clients and significantly reduce the time frame from product idea to market launch.

“Bayn has established itself in the market as a research based company, which we are, but our EUREBA® products have now reached the maturity that allows for a stronger focus on commercialization and sales,” said Lucy Dahlgren, MD.

As a vital part of the shift to commercialize, Ange Mertner, previously Nordic Sales Director, now heads the function as Deputy Managing Director, with Market as main responsibility.

“Bayn’s goal for the coming year is to commercialize our already developed EUREBA® products as well as the new products under development, and penetrate the market segment by segment”, said Mertner, who has a successful track record of expanding customer relations and boosting sales in maturing businesses. “We will also start producing stevia based blends more offensively, something that will simplify development and speed up the time to market for our customers.”

“Bayn is positioned very well on the market, with strong, specialized competences within the field of natural sweetening systems,” said Mertner. “The market is screaming for natural and healthy products and Bayn is now ready to provide the market its high quality, cost efficient solutions.”

For more information please contact:

Lucy Dahlgren, MD, Bayn Europe AB, mobile +46 73 73 86 752, e-mail
Ange Mertner, DMD, Bayn Europe AB, mobile +46 70 467 11 88, e-mail