Bayn Develops Cost Effective EUREBA® Blend that Improves the Taste Profile of Stevia Sweetened Products

PRESS RELEASE – Bayn has developed a new sweetener blend called EUREBA® 918 based on a selected steviol glycoside composition whose taste profiles are optimized by the use of the taste modifying properties of dietary fibres. By using a steviol glycoside composition with a lower RebA content EUREBA® 918 has become a cost effective solution for the development of sugar-reduced products. Sensory analysis showed that applications formulated with EUREBA® 918 had a higher overall flavour rating with less off-tastes compared to applications formulated with RebA97.

“The components of EUREBA® 918 resulted in a familiar sweet taste profile and gave the sugar-reduced products a better overall sensory profile as well as a higher solubility”, said Suzanne Preddie-Atterby, Product Director Bayn Europe. “We have found that EUREBA® 918 works exceptionally well in many applications such as sauces, fruit preparations, chocolate syrup, dairy products and beverages.”

Lowering the price gap between stevia based and artificial sweeteners

The large degree of variation in the steviol glycoside composition of the different stevia based sweeteners available on the market has an impact on both taste and price. It is generally accepted that steviol glycoside compositions with a high level of the steviol glycoside RebA have a better taste profile. Bayn’s sensory analysis proves that this is not always the case. Furthermore high purity RebA products have a lower solubility and a higher cost.

“EUREBA® 918 stands out as a great choice of high intense sweetener for food and beverage applications,” said Ange Mertner, Nordic Sales Director at Bayn. “Aftertaste and lingering sensations have always been an issue with intense sweeteners, but as seen in our sensory analysis comparison, these side effects are reduced in EUREBA® 918. The possibility to lower the price by using EUREBA® 918 compared to other high purity RebA based sweeteners is an advantage for producers that always have cost in use in mind through product development to product launch.”

Graph EUREBA 918

The figure shows the results of a Sensory Analysis Comparison between Reb A 97 and EUREBA® 918: When compared at the same concentration, both EUREBA® 918 and Reb A 97 had similar ratings for total flavour and aftertaste. However, the bitterness and liquorice ratings of EUREBA® 918 were slightly lower than that of Reb A 97. The sweetness intensity rating of Reb A 97 was slightly higher than EUREBA® 918.

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Suzanne Preddie-Atterby, Product Director,, tel +46 76-173 18 88
Ange Mertner, Nordic Sales Director,, tel: +46 8-613 28 88

About Bayn Europe AB

Bayn Europe AB is a Stockholm based innovative, market driven company specialized in natural and healthier sweetening systems based on sweetness from the Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni plant. Bayn’s know-how is reflected in their products, that are sold on the European market under the brand name EUREBA®. Bayn works intensively with natural bulk ingredients in their stevia applications to optimize the taste, texture and cost-in-use of the products, for the benefit of health and environment. Bayn focuses on scientific research and works according to stringent ethical and quality programs, in close cooperation with their customer base. Bayn is listed at Nasdaq Stockholm, First North, under the short name BAYN. For more information see