Bayn Europe, a global leader in sugar reduction, has developed a versatile sweetening solution for sugar-reduced beverages. We are now taking the next step to industrialize this easy to use solution. The product is set to launch in September 2017.

Soft drink producers have worked for many years to develop products that are in-line with the sugar reduction ambitions of consumers and national health authorities. Soft drink product launches with reduced sugar has increased by 3.5 % over the past four years.

”Starting form a reference product (10% sugar content), our main objective was to match the taste and mouth feel while keeping any cost increase at an acceptable level (10-30%), depending on quality of drink and sugar content. In addition, great attention was given to keeping the mouth feel and flavour release as these properties are equally crucial properties of soft drinks” says Lucy Dahlgren, MD of Bayn Europe AB.

The most important factors to consider when reducing sugar in beverages are taste and mouth feel. This often requires a tailor-made sugar reduction solution for each specific application resulting in higher costs and an increased risk for new product development.

”The beverage sweetening solution was developed under a longer period of time. We used it to produce several flavoured soft drinks on a small scale that were served to consumers at our innovation center in Sweden. The beverages received high satisfaction scores for taste, flavour and texture. Our tests have shown that the Bayn sweetening solution can be applied to different kinds of soft drinks. For beverage producers, this can result in increased efficiency in the development of sugar reduced beverages”, continued Lucy Dahlgren.

About Bayn
Bayn Europe is an independent supplier of cutting edge and healthy sugar reduction solutions for the food and beverage industry. Bayn’s ingredient solutions from natural sources, refined through scientific research and extensive market experience, facilitate new healthier formulations and recipes focused on taste and texture to help food and beverage companies around the world reduce sugar and calories in their products. For more information

Bayn is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, First North, under the short name BAYN
Mangold Fondkommission AB is Bayn’s certified adviser. Telephone +46-8-5030 1550.

For more information, please contact Lucy Dahlgren, Managing Director Bayn Europe AB, e-mail

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