Expanding the EUREBA Portfolio: Blends & Pre-mixes

Stevia is not yet a commonly used ingredient in the food and beverage industry, and the need for support in application formulations is huge. Bayn gives much attention to the market needs and to customer application support, and has allocated more resources to the development of blends and pre-mixes.

The need to give extra attention to off-taste issues and application formulations was confirmed by a recently completed study, done in cooperation between Bayn and SIK (The Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology). The study showed that the taste profile of Stevia extracts is not optimal at high concentrations as a single sweetener but rather in synergy with other ingredients.

As a result of the above mentioned Bayn is in the process of expanding the EUREBA portfolio with:

EUREBA Blend – The EUREBA Basic line blended with other sweetener ingredients, such as Erythritol, Dextrin and Luo Han Guo for bulking, taste/flavor profile and cost benefits.

EUREBA Pre-mix – The EUREBA Basic line blended with other ingredients forming the basis of a specific application formulation, such as micro fibers for fruit applications and organic acids for beverages.

The expanded product focus is part of Bayn’s strategy to apply scientific research to customer support fulfilling our mission: To enable a healthy life style by providing natural, healthier sweetener alternatives.