Chinese Stevia Customs Data: Value USD 75 Million

A thorough analysis made by Bayn of stevia extract export data from the Chinese customs authorities provides an interesting overview of the stevia exports. 90-95% of the world’s stevia extracts come from China. In total 2 100 ton stevia was exported in 2012 to a value of USD 75 million.

Malaysia, USA, Japan and Korea occupy 86% of the total volume exported from China. EU countries imported less than 10% of the total volume. Within Europe Germany is by far the biggest importer followed by Belgium, Norway and the Netherlands. The data is based on the country of shipment and it is not possible to track where the stevia finally ends up. Bayn’s delivery of 620 kg to Barentz Poland via Barentz Breda falls under the statistic of the Netherlands. The 300 kg delivered to Barentz Poland were reported in the statistics for Poland. Note: The report does not specify the purity of the exported stevia. The declared unit price was based on the total declared value and volume, and varied from 5USD/kg to 450USD/kg.