Bayn’s products have undergone a long period of test and evaluation by Harrod’s Beijing and several famous food service companies in China. A whole kit of Bayn’s sweetening solution EUREBA®, for indulgences such as soft drinks, ice cream and chocolate is now approved. The EUREBA® sweetening solutions provides taste, texture and cost-in use as well as lowers the unhealthy calories.

“China is a dynamic market with huge market potential for sweets, especially sweets from Nordic countries as the Nordic life style is perceived as healthy. The Chinese market is a very complex and challenging market in terms of brand name and taste preference”, says Lucy Dahlgren, founder of and board director at Bayn Europe. “We are very happy that our joint venture partner Huahe introduced our sugar replacement solution to premium cafe stores such as Harrod’s in Beijing and famous kitchens including the biggest cake chain store Holiland, and No.4 kitchen for Chinese mega celebrities. These proof of concepts and endorsement helps Bayn to strengthen our leading player position for sugar reduction in China.”

“China is a huge market for indulgences. The consumer is aware of the negative effects of over-consumption of sugar, but they will not comprise their taste preference for the enjoyment. We are very happy to team up with Bayn Europe and their solution EUREBA®. The added sugar replacement solution worked well in our strategical selected food services stores. We have now mapped out a route to market strategy together with Bayn’s solution”, says Aaron Sun, Managing Director of Bayn Beijing (under registration in Beijing, PRC).