Chocolate made with Bayn’s sugar replacer sold in Swedish stores

Bayn Europe AB’s customer Sure Taste AB now has chocolate for sale in Swedish grocery stores and online. The chocolate contains Bayn’s sugar replacer EUREBA®.

EUREBA® C-01 and -02 are especially designed for chocolate. To replace sugar in chocolate is a particular challenge in question of taste and mouthfeel. Bayn’s products are developed with ingredients from natural resources to refine the sweetness, mouthfeel and texture of the chocolate. This means that the taste experience is as close to chocolate sweetened with sugar as possible. Consumers really want sugar reduced products, but they do not want to compromise on taste.

Many producers who focus on sugar reduction are now taking an interest in Bayn’s sugar replacers. Sure Taste AB has chosen Bayn for their long experience in sugar reduction.

The introduction of Sure Taste took place at the Bake and Chocolate fair in Stockholm on 10-13 October this year and the chocolate had very good feedback. According to Sure Taste the interest in the chocolate was great, which is very good for a completely unknown brand which had to compete with brands from established producers at the fair.

Sure Taste, who plans to release more sugar reduced products with EUREBA®, sell their chocolate in a number of selected ICA stores, among others ICA Gärdet and ICA Kvantum in Nybro. The chocolate is also sold online via, click here for link.