Bayn’s sugar replacer EUREBA® in Hemglass’ range in 2019

Bayn Europe AB’s sugar replacer EUREBA® proves again that there is no need to compromise on taste and texture in sugar reduced products. Among Hemglass’ new range in 2019 is a mixed pack of ice creams without added sugar where EUREBA® has been used to sweeten the ice cream.

Hemglass has, like so many, noted an increased demand in sugar reduced products. For nearly three years they have not had ice creams without added sugar in their range. During a year they have worked to re-introduce a sugar reduced alternative. A special mix with four ice creams has now been launched, where all ice creams are manufactured with EUREBA® D01. The total order value for Bayn will become available at the end of the next ice cream season, and Bayn will then be able to comment upon it.

EUREBA® D-01, developed from natural ingredients, can replace sugar 1:1 in, among others, dairy products without compromising taste or mouth feel. It is Bayn’s vision to make available products which let us decrease our over-consumption of sugar, while still making it possible to enjoy the sweet foods we eat.

“We have seen a large increase during the past years in requests for the EUREBA® D-series”, says Ange Mertner, customer developer at Bayn Europe. “It is great to be able to present, together with Hemglass, a launch of four really tasty ice creams without added sugar.”

“We are very pleased to finally be able to launch ice cream without added sugar. Our customers can now buy Specialmix which contains Jordgubbsstrut (strawberry ice cream cone), Chokladvaniljpinne (chocolate covered vanilla ice cream), Päronsplit (vanilla ice cream with pear ice cover) and Vaniljbägare, a cup of vanilla ice cream with chocolate ripple and hazelnut topping”, says Anders Granath, responsible for business development at Hemglass.

Further to ice cream without added sugar Hemglass is also adding to the lactose free range, for which the demand is also on the rise.

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