Bayn Europe AB’s no-added sugar chocolate has passed productions trials and is now ready for market launch. The prerequisites needed to comply with the Chinese national legislation for use as an ingredient in chocolate were cleared at an earlier stage, and the successful subsequent trial production together with the local chocolate producer Cocoa-Linna Ltd. were completed last week.

“Most companies see China is a huge market with immense opportunities for expansion. This is absolutely true, but it is not quite as straight forward when it concerns the food market. Chocolate, with EUREBA® inside, contains no added sugar and is a Bayn core product. We received several requests from China years ago, but due to the differences in legislation and application complexity we could not yet export the blend to China”, says Patrik Edström, CEO of Bayn Europe. “Our partner Honsea Biotech displayed outstanding production skills when they scaled up our EUREBA® solution. This has enabled the successful full-scale trials at the local chocolate producer Cocoa-Linna, a Chinese chocolate producer with deep market insights.”

Having been a rather exotic product, the Chinese market is now ready for chocolate. According to data from the Association of Chinese Chocolate Manufacturer, Chinese consumers eat 70 grams of chocolate per capita every year. However, multiplied by 1.3 billion inhabitants, the potential size of the market is an impressive SEK 4.6 billion.

“The well-known international chocolate producers have so far dominated the Chinese chocolate market. We are a smaller player with a strong focus on innovation and change. Chinese people have adapted to the chocolate culture and regard it as a lifestyle and status. There are many sugar-free chocolate varieties available on the market, but the taste doesn’t meet the market expectations”, says Xiaowei Zhou, VP market and sales at Cocoa-Linna. “We are thrilled to work with Bayn, and with their total solution for chocolate which really maintains the taste when the added sugar is removed. The easy-to-use solution and healthy ingredient alternatives enable profit during the commercialisation process.”