Bayn, after a period of thorough evaluation and testing, commissioned Honsea Ltd. to produce Bayn’s added sugar replacement EUREBA®, to enable and secure supply reliability to the Chinese sugar reduction market. 

“Everyone is talking about China’s big food and lifestyle market potential. To succeed in this market takes both a high level of quality, and trust between the parties. We are now very happy to have agreed with Honsea that they will be Bayn’s strategic partner. This secures our supply chain to the Chinese market demand”, says Lucy Dahlgren, founder and board member with business development responsibilities of Bayn Europe. “Further to having the production advantage, Honsea has raw materials access in China as they are distributors for leading food ingredient producers including Roquette, Dupont Danisco and DSM, from whom Bayn’s EUREBA® ingredients are also sourced. This raw material supply is very important for Bayn to secure the taste solution for sugar reduction. Honsea’s engagement with Bayn forms a strong credibility for Bayn’s market entry in China, and I am very happy that our formula and IP can be protected through our trademark and Bayn’s close relationship with the Honsea Founders. ”

“Changing or replacing the added sugar in processed food is a revolution in food industry. I had never believed any food producer could make this happen”, says Robert Lo, founder of Honsea and MD of Honsea Sunshine Biotech Ltd. “I am happy that Lucy leads a passionate team whose work has resulted in proof of concept and taste acceptance and met the business demand. We can now confidently support Bayn Europe to supply their solution EUREBA® solution to the Chinese market.”