Bayn, as a specialist in sugar reduction solutions, has together with Garetta, as an expert in drinks and slush, developed four drinks without added sugar for launch at Skåne Zoo.

To reduce sugar in drinks and sodas provides a great challenge. Further to sweetness, sugar contributes many other qualities in particularly drinks and sodas; it provides mouthfeel and texture, it affects the balance between sweet and sour, and it affects which flavours are enhanced. All of these aspects need to be considered and in the end the drink or soda also has to taste good.

“We are experts in great flavour in drinks and slush. We think it’s amazing that you can produce such good drinks without added sugar. Bayn has really succeeded in this for Garettas drinks”, says Sara Vilhelmsson, CEO at Garetta. “We are launching the four flavours; strawberry, apple, pear and lemon, at Skåne Zoo when they open for the season on 24 March 2018. Skåne Zoo is the first amusement park in Sweden to launch drinks without added sugar.”

“The challenges in reducing sugar in drinks and sodas are many and we have through our cooperation during the last year, developed four flavours which are now being launched. It’s an important initiative from Garetta, whose products are mainly aimed at youths who are more and more aware of what they eat and drink”, says Ange Mertner, VP Marketing at Bayn Europe AB. “We are very glad that our cooperation has now led to a first launch and are looking forward to further launches in the future.”


About Garetta:
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