Bayn Europe enters into a long-term cooperation with content marketing agency Kntnt

Bayn Europe AB have chosen the strategic communication agency Kntnt to further reinforce the marketing of the company’s portfolio of sugar reduced products. Kntnt will start by creating an on-line magazine directed at target groups within the food industry.

The new on-line magazine will be launched in August 2019. It will hold inspiring articles and useful advice for companies in the food and beverage industry to develop healthier foods and sweets.

“We have entered into this cooperation with the aim to increase awareness of EUREBA®, in both Swedish and other Nordic producers in the food industry”, says Patrik Edström, CEO at Bayn Europe.

“Bayn is an exciting company with very clever solutions that allow companies in the food and beverage industry to replace sugar 1:1. Their product is developed from natural sources, and has a low calorie content. We are very happy that Bayn has entrusted us with building their communication for their brand”, says Thomas Barregren, CEO at Kntnt.

Bayn and Kntnt will work with so called inbound marketing – a strategic effort that entails capturing the interest of potential buyers, with relevant content, and to convert them into customers.

“Kntnt are experts in content marketing, as well as knowledgeable in the relevant techniques. We feel confident that we have made the right choice”, says Patrik Edström.

The cooperation started on the 29th of April 2019.




Text: Elisabet Tapio Neuwirth