After a period of testing and evaluation of its sugar replacer for the food service segment, Bayn Europe AB, an independent formula developer for food and beverage producers, has decided to expand with a new its customer segment which will market the company’s products to food services. 

“Bayn focusses on providing sugar replacement solutions to replace the high sugar content in food producers’ products. We see positive attitudes from our food producer customers. Innovation such s sugar reduction is a challenge. It creates changes which take time to implement”, says Patrik Edström, CEO of Bayn. “Bayn has collected market feedback from several artisan producers of ice-cream and bakery-products as well as from premium cafes in Sweden. They all agree that there is a strong need for sugar reduction. With our ready solutions for sugar reduction we can help food services to supply tasty products with a lower calorie content to their customers.”

“The adoption time in food services is much shorter, as they are closer to the consumer market and can implement new products with greater speed. The market value is expected to be close to 200 MSEK and Bayn has mapped out an entry strategy and has a plan for the sugar replacer sales in the Scandinavian food service segment. We hope for at least a 10% market share. We will allocate resources to this business unit and we expect a clear impact on sales during early 2019 in this market segment”, says Ange Mertner, business area manager.