Bayn Europe has in cooperation with a Swiss ice cream manufacturer produced four flavours of gelati which meet the strict dietary demands of Swiss hospitals.

After successful trials last year an order was placed for the sugar reduction solution for ice cream and delivery was made in September 2017 for launch in the hospitals during October. Hospitals place high quality demands on any products served to patients and these four kinds of gelati meet them well with a lactose free and sugar reduced product which contains only up to 2g sugar per 100ml ice cream. This is a very low sugar content.

The ice cream is produced in the four flavours chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and mocha. The manufacturer is very pleased with Bayn’s ice cream blend and has recently placed a second order for further productions. They also plan to offer the ice creams to a wider consumer market.

“To reduce sugar in ice cream while keeping its good flavour and texture is for many producers a challenge. We are therefore proud to be able to offer a well working solution that meets the high demands that the customer was presented with in this case”, says Srdjan Solaja, Sales Manager at Bayn Europe AB.