Bayn Europe AB ready for ISO 9001:2015

As a company in the food and beverage industry Bayn has always lived by a clear quality and management system. After a very positive pre-certification, step one in the official certification process is now booked for the beginning of March.

Svensk Certifiering Norden AB, SCAB, who will perform the certification process, offers one of the market’s foremost certification services and their auditors have a high level of competence. They base their practices on their clients’ success factors and place great emphasis on the ability to meet the demands of existing and future customers.

“As a company in the food and beverage industry we have worked with a high and reliable quality since the very beginning. The market is strictly regulated, and our methods of operation and documentation have always reflected this, which the pre-certification clearly showed”, says Suzanne Preddie-Atterby at Supply Chain Management at Bayn.

An ISO certification is a proof of quality which shows that a company fulfils a long list of demands on leadership, customer focus, quality and how management makes decisions and constantly works on improvements. Every year there is a revision of how well the company applies to their own processes and instructions.

“To become ISO certified is the external affirmation that our company applies a clear process and  customer oriented method of operation for quality on all levels,” says Patrik Edström, CEO at Bayn Europe AB. “That a supplier and manufacturer lives up to the demands of an ISO certification is today often a demand from customers, as it is proof of a systematic method of operation when it comes to customer satisfaction as well as environment and continuous improvements.”

Final certification is expected in April.