Bayn Europe and Swedish Oat Fiber will present a chocolate and pralin, without added sugar and in which they replaced the emulsifier with natural oat oil with focus on taste, texture and viscosity, at the upcoming show, Food Ingredients Europe (FiE) 28-30 November 2017. This application development contributes a label friendly solution for chocolate manufacturers.

“Sugar is an important block for chocolate making for taste and texture. The viscosity of chocolate is also very important in chocolate making, therefore, emulsifying agents are used. Producers are however always looking for new alternatives to current emulsifiers on the market. Bayn is pleased to develop a sugar-reduced chocolate together with Swedish Oat Fiber where their natural oat oil has proven to be a good emulsifier substitute in our no-added-sugar chocolate, giving very good chocolate properties. It is label friendly for positive consumer perceptions. This gives an extreme added value to our sugar reduced chocolate” says Lucy Dahlgren, CEO of Bayn Europe.

“Our oat oil is unique with its special nutritional and functional properties, especially combined with the emulsifying effect of the polar lipids. Our oat fiber oil is a vegetable oil from oats, completely natural without E-numbers and with our patented gentle process, we can increase the amount of polar lipids and thus enhance the emulsifying properties. Together with Bayn we now present a chocolate without added sugar content and also a natural emulsifier. Taste and texture are just as good as the traditional chocolate, so it’s going to be exciting to collect feedbacks from the food professional at FiE”, says Peo Crona, CEO, Swedish Oat Fiber AB

About Bayn Europe
Bayn Europe is an independent formulation developer of cutting edge and healthy sugar reduction solutions for the food and beverage industry. Bayn’s total solutions focus on taste, texture and cost-in-use. Bayn’s product portfolio contains ingredients and sugar replacers for food and beverage applications. Bayn’s business model is based on solid networks of scientific research, market channel partnerships and contracted manufacturers.
Bayn Europe was founded in 2009 in Stockholm, Sweden, and is listed at Nasdaq Stockholm, First North, since 2014.

Mangold Fondkommission AB is Bayn’s Certified Adviser. Telephone +46-8-5030 1550.

For more information, please contact Lucy Dahlgren, Managing Director Bayn Europe AB, e-mail

About Swedish Oat Fiber
Swedish Oat Fiber has in more than 25 years produced healthy oat fibres in Bua, on the Swedish west coast – fibers sold to companies worldwide for further processing of nutritional foods and health supplements.
In the plant, dehulled and heat-treated oat kernels are grinded and fractionated. The very fine grinded oat fibres are with 14-28% betaglucans, and besides the fibres, even different types of oat flours ar produced, with 12-19% protein, also these very small in particle size. As a third product line, there is the unique oat oil, which has strong emulsifying properties and great potential in the food and chocolate industry.