50% Sugar Reduction in Baltic Demo Project

In January the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth granted a market demo project for EUREBA® in the Baltic region, run in cooperation between Bayn and Barentz. The project, which aims at developing the use of Stevia and dietary fiber as substitute for chemical sweetener in chocolate powder, ketchup and jam, is progressing well.

Based on the original O’boy (Kraft Foods) a 50% sugar reduced chocolate flavored beverage powder (originally 79.5% sugar) has been developed. It is designed for dairy-based applications (Chocolate milk, Protein drinks and Weight Management). The ketchup developed has a 50% sugar-reduction (Bayn’s regular ketchup 40%), with 8.5g sugar/100g. The jam produced within the project has a high fiber level.

The products have an appealing texture and taste achieved through the use of EUREBA® combined with dietary fibers, derived from a natural source in the form of recycled residue from manufacturers of apple juice and oat based products. The project will run until December 2014 and includes research, production, distibution, collecting end-consumer feedback and final adjustment of the products to meet market demands.