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We help food pro­duc­ers to reduce sug­ar and calo­ries with­out chang­ing the man­u­fac­tur­ing process or sac­ri­fic­ing good taste and mouth­feel. Our “secret” is sweet­ened fibres that we call EUREBA®.

We replace the bulk and func­tion of the sug­ar with care­ful­ly select­ed dietary fibres, and sugar’s taste, aro­ma and sweet­ness with a care­ful­ly test­ed com­bi­na­tion of sweet­en­ers. All ingre­di­ents are, of course, of nat­ur­al ori­gin (for exam­ple, from chico­ry and ste­via).

Our inno­va­tion, which dis­tin­guish­es EUREBA® from oth­er sug­ar reduc­tion solu­tions, is to get sweet­en­ers to stick to fibres. That way, we cre­ate a homo­ge­neous prod­uct that replaces 1:1 sug­ar in your pro­duc­tion.

EUREBA® short­ens the time to mar­ket for your sug­ar-reduced prod­ucts. Order your sam­ple today!


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Hornsgatan 79
118 49 Stockholm

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