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Replace sugar 1:1 with sweetened fibres

Young and hungry – but not at all costs

Generation Z demands. But not only on the world lead­ers. The demands on food and the food indus­try are also high. This young gen­er­a­tion has a sus­tain­able mind­set that per­me­ates every­thing they do, con­sume and eat. They buy prod­ucts that con­firm their lifestyle – and if they still live at home, the par­ents will buy what their young­sters want. Peter Wennström, CEO of the research com­pa­ny The Healthy Marketing Team, guides us to a new con­sumer group with eth­i­cal indi­ca­tors.

Dextrin – from seed to Eureba

Every time you bake bread, you make dex­trin. It hap­pens in the crusts of the bread; the starch is con­vert­ed by the heat to dex­trin. There are dif­fer­ent types of dex­trin. Some break down into glu­cose dur­ing diges­tion. Others are dietary fibre. The lat­ter we use in some of our sweet­ened fibres (Eureba). They are pro­duced from GMO-free maize. Read about dex­trin’s jour­ney from corn to sweet­ened fibres.

Britain’s pursuit of sugar reduction and healthier lifestyle

A sense of urgency pre­vails in the UK. We are not talk­ing about Brexit. No, the sense of urgency has to do with a wide­spread epi­dem­ic. The vil­lain is too much sug­ar in food. Every third pupil is expect­ed to be over­weight or has devel­oped obe­si­ty before even leav­ing pri­ma­ry school. The UK gov­ern­ment demands that the food indus­try reduce its sug­ar con­tent by five per cent — every year for five years. They get help along by two British tele­vi­sion per­son­al­i­ties – Jamie Oliver and Michael Mosley – who do their share for a bet­ter lifestyle. About all of this write today’s colum­nist.


Bayn Europe devel­ops and mar­kets sweet­ened fibres used by the food and bev­er­age indus­try to reduce the amount of sug­ar and calo­ries in its prod­ucts.

Sweetened fibres is a homo­ge­neous com­po­si­tion of dietary fibres, sweet­en­er from the plant ste­via and oth­er ingre­di­ents of nat­ur­al ori­gin. Our man­u­fac­tur­ing method is unique for the indus­try, and cre­ates a prod­uct that can be stored, trans­port­ed and han­dled like reg­u­lar sug­ar with­out any change in pro­ce­dures or process­es.

EUREBA® is a wide range of sweet­ened fibers that replace sug­ar one-to-one. One kilo of sug­ar in the recipe is replaced by one kilo­gram of EUREBA® with­out chang­ing taste, mouth­feel or tex­ture. This is a big win for food pro­duc­ers, who oth­er­wise have to invest a lot of time and mon­ey to devel­op brand new recipes.

We also help food pro­duc­ers who want to devel­op their own sug­ar reduc­tion solu­tions. We offer both advice and prac­ti­cal sup­port dur­ing the devel­op­ment work, as well as raw mate­r­i­al in the form of sweet­en­ers from the plant ste­via, which we mar­ket under the brand NAVIA®.


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